Graham Greene

A professional musician for 30 years, Graham is a leading Australian exponent of electric rock guitar. A master performer and craftsman, he has received accolades from Australian Guitar Magazine, who have quoted Graham Greene to be Australia’s answer to Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, through to Hollywood where he was the recipient of the 2008 Star Music Award for Best Instrumental Rock Artist for his song “Impressive Hair”, (announced by DIO guitarist, Craig Goldy on behalf of the Grammy Board) and is the first Australian to be featured on the US Mesa/Boogie website (2007), and included in the international Mesa/Boogie catalogue for 2010/12.

Annemieke Heijne

guitarist and songwriter – was born in Holland and spent time in the United States before moving to Australia in 1984. Annemieke has been performing live and recording for more than 20 years. Considered a pioneer for female guitarists in Perth, she is highly accomplished and held in very high regard by her peers and fans alike. Prior to joining long-time friend Graham Greene and teaming up with Jac Dalton, Annemieke and Graham played together in Graham Greene & The Happy Sinners, their musical chemistry providing huge impetus to the Jac Dalton venture. Annemieke has been recognized with an endorsement deal from Mesa Boogie Amplifiers.

Donna G

is a singer/songwriter/performer in her own right. Her powerful, musical and seemingly limitless vocals along with her command of the stage in front of any audience in any environment (whether as a front person or backing vocalist) make her a huge asset to the Jac Dalton band. Donna is an internationally recognized singer, having toured across Australia as well as overseas to India, Hong Kong, Singapore & Vietnam, where she has performed to huge audiences with rave reviews.

Troy Brazier

has a depth of experience and professionalism that belie his years. He has played styles ranging from pop to metal, and is another alumni of Graham Greene’s bands. A musical and technically amazing drummer, Troy lays down a solid foundation for the Jac Dalton sound – tight and tidy when required, shining and explosive when needed. His enthusiam and love for his craft is evident with every thunderclap he cracks on his drum kit.

Jim Awram

is a bass virtuoso. An in-demand session player and teacher, Jim appears with Graham and Donna in all of their projects (Lady Zeppelin, Resonance Project, Graham Greene Band) and was an obvious choice when Jac Dalton was put together. His command of his instrument and innate feel for the music make him the perfect partner for Troy Brazier in the rhythm section and an invaluable band member, laying down the groove upon which all else is based.